My Extraordinary Life while Hiding in Plain Sight



"My husband and I belong to a book club with eight friends. Code Name: Papa / My Extraordinary Life while Hiding in Plain Sight, recommended by a member's boss, sounded like a good read. As it turned out, that's a real understatement. Our group absolutely loved this book, though one reader found some of the stories a bit gruesome. We discussed the book, often talking on top of each other, for three and a half hours. (We could have talked longer, but it was a weeknight!) The bottom line, "Papa" is incredibly interesting and informative. Who knew? We all agreed that we could barely put it down. I think we'll be thinking and talking about Papa and his team's adventures for a long time."




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“If you are a great fan of the tv show Scandal, this book is a must. The book is written by the real-life Olivia Pope's father, head of a super secret organization. I just could not put the book down, especially knowing that it was a real-life story, not a tv show. Holey mackerel, I am in awe of the people like author John Murray who put their lives on the line every day to keep us safe. We have no idea of their sacrifices. An amazing inside account of things that we really don't want to know about.”

(Important note: We know aspects of our book remind a lot of people of this great TV show, but we want to point out that Papa is on the right side of the law!)

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1)  “I am recommending it to everyone I know as a MUST READ. I understand that there will be a sequel and I can't wait.”

2)  “I typically do not take the time to write reviews. However, this book was so incredibly riveting that I felt compelled to let other Amazon members know that it's an honest-to-goodness page turner. I can't wait to see what happens next...hopefully a sequel and movie!”

3)  “The story was enlightening yet disturbing at the same time.

Most people can't imagined such things go on in our world.

Some of the images remain with me still.  The book also covers their family lives and not just their missions; Doing so made it more intriguing yet mind boggling. It humanized them. This book makes you aware of the many personal sacrifices on the group as well as their families.  Should be made in to a movie. Would make a terrific thriller.”

4)  “The story is riveting, once you start reading you won't want to put it down!  Fascinating book of man's extraordinary life. While we've all seen the tv shows and movies that focus on secret organizations to carry out clandestine tasks, it is very different reading a first person account of how one man became involved in a secret organization and how, ultimately, assume a key leadership role. Some readers might be disturbed by the acts necessitated by circumstances and the deaths and injuries that resulted, however, life...and death... can be very messy.”

5)  ”If you are looking for a captivating book that will keep you thinking long after you've read the last page, you have found it in this book. I do not read many biographies, but this one is a must read.”


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NetGalley, Book Blogger, USA  
“So...when's the last time you read a book that makes you wonder if someone is going to hunt you down for knowing what's in it? Ask me! The answer is: JUST NOW!!!!!! Dude, you want to read a book that will make the hair on the back of your neck just stand straight up? Read this.

Code Name: Papa (My Extraordinary Life While Hiding in Plain Sight), is a book that you won't want to put down. Talk about Navy SEALs on steroids! Holy Cow. "John Murray's" memoir is one you won't want to miss.” - Charity Andrews / NetGalley & goodreads


“I became totally absorbed by these people and their fight to protect the public, I was hooked almost instantly.  The author has a natural voice for telling his stories and it shows on the page.  It doesn't come across as anything other than what it is and that's a soldier/spy telling his story. Which is definitely a refreshing change.  No rubbish, no political correctness gone mad and no bull crap.  It's all about the truth of the job, both the success and failure it's brought.  I totally recommend reading this book. If you enjoy spies and assassins in your fiction. Or if you enjoy a good thriller. Then this is for you.  It's a life you have to read about to believe and I am really looking forward to the next chapter. It's that good.”


“This is a beautiful book that brings in the opaque world of international espionage…

I would say the biographical component make the book even more compelling because, as you read, you stop to think that Papa has really dealt with all this, and you wonder how the incidents could have happened, but then you find the answer in the book, interspersed by the story of his life of a past steeped in mystery, espionage, international intrigue and secret operations.

The right ingredients are all there, and I think it would make even a good movie that puts you ahead of the harsh reality and the world, of that hidden and sneaky world, where a few move the threads of all.

Overall a nice book which explains what and how many sacrifices especially in private life has to be given for those who commit such an operational choice and all this will emerge in an unprecedented gripping tale without a single superfluous line, and the tension of the story and the reader's participation is not diminished even for a second.”

EMMABOOKS, Book Blogger, USA
“I found this a fascinating, if very disturbing, book. I would recommend it to everyone, to learn about a world out there that most of us have no idea about. However the book is describing a team of highly committed and hard hitting people who carry out assignments without question. Much of the action described is more scary than any fictional thriller, and may cause you to question that creak you hear downstairs in the dead of night!”

OnlineBookClub, Blogger, USA
“Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be one of the World's Most Powerful Men?

 John, with the help of his wife Sharon Murray and Author Abby Jones gives you a little insight into the life of a spy in the powerful Memoir Codename: Papa (My Extraordinary Life While Hiding In Plain Sight)…

 In all, a very good read if you want an in depth look into the life of a spy.”

Boundless Books, Blogger, USA
“As we read, we are taken through life’s journey as a secret agent, “Papa” struggles with his relationships, children and friends as he tries to balance both lives. It’s dramatic, adventurous, suspenseful and even comical; nice read for a long trip.

I found the book to be well written with nicely developed characters…”

Key West Citizen, Book Review, USA
“I had trouble putting this book down. It was a compelling read spanning 1965 to 2012 when Papa retired that relates heart-pounding stories of intrigue and action in situations of global importance. The author pulls no punches in chronicling the missions he and his team engaged in during that time frame from a first person point of view. His sentence structure is short and to the point. He doesn’t waste much time on detail or descriptions, but little is left to doubt in the reader’s mind. It is mission accomplished…

 Code Name Papa” is the first book in what is expected to be a trilogy. The next book will be entitled “Code Name: Amy” and will focus on the woman who was head of the Canadian branch of this shadow organization. I have not read what the third book will be. This initial volume is chillingly enthralling and will give you fodder for thought for some time after you read the last page.”  - Reviewed by David Beckwith, author of “A Cosmetic Conspiracy”

OAK, Book Review, USA
“Code Name: Papa has the excitement of a thrilling novel, but it’s even better, because it’s real. Most readers are familiar with Hollywood’s fabricated versions of covert missions, but this book shows what it is really like to be an undercover agent day in and day out. The book was co-authored by Sharon Murray (John’s wife) and Abby Jones, and is written in a way as if John is telling his life story to a close friend.

Readers get a fascinating glimpse into tough decisions that John has to make - and what he was thinking and feeling during different situations. For those unfamiliar with the life of an undercover agent, reading this book may feel like entering a whole other world.”